Whew, just barely made my Tuesday self-imposed deadline haha! Check out the wedding in south GA that I painted this weekend!

2018 is just around the corner and I’m already looking ahead to next year’s weddings and the clothes I get to wear! ​Yeah, I know I could just wear a black uniform to every wedding and it would be more practical, but my way is SO fun ? I can’t help it!

PS: I have the WINNER of the giveaway! Cindy Fry Tidwell, claim your prize! Send me a PM of your address so I can get you this paint set by xmas! ❤

Everyone, please let me know what you think of this episode, share with any future/former brides or wedding guests who like to talk wedding fashion, and thank you so so so much for every bit of support and encouragement!!


Venue: The Farm at High Shoals
Intro Footage & Editing: The Film Poets
Intro Music: English Chamber Orchestra
Pug Cuteness: Lucy the Pug