Hi Friends,

Wedding season is on. If you are really fond of traditional Maharashtrian jewellery, then no need to google, just watch this video and you are done.

Traditionally, the jewelry worn by a Maharashtrian bride is handed down from generations – from her grandmother to her mother and down to her. It therefore carries a lot of meaning, but it also means that each piece tells a personal story of the family’s wealth, success, religion, and values.

A Maharashtrian bride is quite different from the ones belonging to other states. While red is the core colour worn by brides of other Indian communities, the Paithani saree worn by a Marathi lass comes in typical golden yellow, leaf green or aubergine. But when you learn about the Traditional Maharashtrian jewellery names you will fall in love with it for the fun, tradition and happiness it brings to a Marathi bride. So make the most of it while shopping for the bridal jewellery.