Bride & Groom : Nok & Steve
Venue : Thai house at Sampran Riverside (Rose Garden)
Photography : Leaw+Gai ( Call : 081-8033655 , 087-1111731)

Nok and Steve had the western wedding ceremony in their hometown a couple of months ago. But Nok is a Thai woman and she would like to invite all the foreign guests to join in the solemn Thai wedding tradition in Thailand. They choose Sampran Riverside or Rose Garden in Nakhon Pathom province as their wedding destination and wedding venue. Because of the location’s convenience and the signature of antique Thai house near the lake.Sampran Riverside is the perfect choice for the bride & groom that are looking for a real Thai wedding ceremony.

Sampran Riverside is very close to Bangkok, only 2 hours drive. The wedding planners here is very professional. They can create and decorate the wedding house for your unforgettable day. A typical Thai wedding ceremony can be arranged by the wedding planners start from Kan Mak (Trays of gifts from the groom to the bride’s family), the wedding procession – the groom riding the elephant to pick up his bride from an authentic Thai house. In Thai wedding tradition, there will be the bride’s representative who will welcome the groom’s procession with the betel nut tray. In the past, Thai people will welcome their guests with the betel nut. But now we don’t eat them anymore. But Thai people are still preserve our cultural heritage in the wedding ceremony.
The groom had to pay for the gate keeper that will prevent them from entering into the bride’s room. The negotiation is always funny. It will make everybody laugh out low. Because the groom will do anything to please the gate keeper to let him in.

After the Buddhist monk ceremony, there will be the water blessing ceremony. The parents of the bride & groom will give the flower garland to them and put the sacred powder on their forehead. Sometimes, the monk will do this but he can’t touch the woman’s body. Then, he will use the candle instead of his finger.

In the Thai wedding ceremony, we will use conch shell and blessing water as the most important part of the ceremony. The conch shell will carry the blessing water and the guests will pour it to the bride & groom’s hand. The meaning of conch shell is from our belief in Brahman – Hindu. The conch shell is an auspicious thing that we will use it in the ceremony. The blessing water – the water is a symbolic of harmony. With the characteristic of water that will never split up, then we believe that the bride & groom will love and live together and eternally. The other thing is a sacred thread. The principal of the ceremony will wear the sacred thread around the bride’s and groom’s head and blessing the water. Mostly brides will cry while they listening to the precept from their parents, relatives and friends who come to blessing the water. The Thai ceremony is a sacramental and respectable ritual. You will have an unforgettable experience.

The catering team at Sampran Riverside is very professional too. The food was very delicious. You can enjoy having Thai traditional dish such as Nam Prik,Pad Thai, Spring rolls. The chefs use local fresh ingredients especially the coconut. I may suggest you to try “Kanom Bua Loy”. This authentic sweet dish is made from the taro, coconut cream and young coconut meat. It smell nice from the natural coconut palm sugar from Sam Pran.

Nok and Steve meet us about one month before their wedding day. Nok was quite worried about her chubby. But we can see their love and happiness from every photos that we took. Nok was like a shining star on her big day.

Blessings to the happy couple! May your commitment deepen, your joy increase, and your love grow stronger from this day forward.