Harmony & Alex – wedding invitation


Harmony & Alex - wedding invitation

I received a beautifully done, wax sealed wedding invitation today from Harmony and Alex. Congratulations!

I met this young couple 2 years ago in London and remember we had a nice chat in an Italian restaurant one night, very inquisitive minds. I hope they still keep that in their spirits and don’t let works bog them down. I’m not going to give you guys funny marriage quotes or advices, but let’s see what I can find from an anagram of your names…… Harmony + alex…… "X-ray manhole"…. ok suppose marriage is like a manhole and… ok it means nothing….. here you go "Hoy! Relax man!" This I will sign in your guest book, and remember this gold sentence throughout your life!

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Posted by Patrick Ng on 2009-12-03 15:56:04

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