Red is the color theme of traditional Chinese weddings. It symbolizes love, joy, and prosperity. A Chinese brides wedding gown is often red, as are the wedding invitations, gift boxes, and envelopes for gifts. Even the homes of the bride and groom are decorated in red on the wedding day.

Chinese Pre-wedding events

Before the wedding a Chinese bride goes into seclusion with her closest friends to symbolically mourn the loss of her family and friends. Often the grooms family will bring wedding gifts to the brides house in red boxes and baskets. One of the gifts will contain "uang susu" or "milk money". Other gifts will be personal gifts for the bride. Three days before the wedding the bride’s family will go to the grooms house with gifts for his family.

Chinese Wedding Day

The day a Chinese wedding is carefully chosen to line up with astrological signs. Chinese weddings also start on the half-hour so that the wedding can start on an upswing, while the hands of the clock are moving up.

On the wedding day the groom is dressed by his parents. The groom will arrive at the brides house with a gift of cash to give the brides friends for letting her go. Sometimes the wedding couple will serve tea to both sets of parents to symbolically ask permission to get married. The bride and groom then leave for the wedding sight together.

Chinese Marriage Ceremony and Reception

A Chinese wedding ceremony is normally only attended by the couples’ immediate families. After the ceremony and before the reception the bride will host a tea ceremony for her in-laws. The couple usually goes to get the formal wedding pictures before they go the their reception.

A Chinese wedding reception is a very elaborate affair. There is normally a welcoming speech by a MC. Directly after the speech is the cake cutting. A traditional Chinese wedding cake is huge, with many layers. The lays symbolize the couples climb to success. The couple will cut the cake from the bottom to the top. The bride and groom will feed each other a piece of cake. Then they will cut a piece of cake for the parents and grandparents. The bride and groom will feed each of the pieces of cake to the parent or grandparent together. Sometimes wedding toast are given. The wedding guest will then great the bride and groom and the parents. Elaborate Chinese weddings include a 9 or 10 course meal and music. Chinese brides will often wear three different outfits during the reception. Article From,chinese-wedding-traditions/

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