It looks like modern bride and grooms are tearing up the wedding etiquette book!
The traditional British wedding is on the verge of extinction as brides and grooms opt instead for ultra-modern refinements to their big day in 2015, new national research has revealed. The modern innovations start from the initial wedding invitation, as 22% are now issued via Facebook or other social network rather than the traditional card, sent through the post.

What’s more, one in every 20 wedding invites is dispatched by email, with a further 12% being sent by text message. Indeed, of the polled 2,000 couples who were either recently married or hoping to get married in the near future 38.5% admit they held or are due to hold their entire wedding day in a hotel instead of choosing a church service and a reception at a different venue.

“We can safely say that real brides are in for a big treat!”

Less than three in 10 weddings (28%) are now conducted by a priest or a vicar. The overwhelming choice of minister for the modern wedding is an appointed civic official from the register office (48%) though many couples are now officially married by a friend (one in 20), while one in 10 wedding ceremonies are conducted by a ship’s captain. Once a mainstay of tradition, the white wedding dress is also being eschewed, with just a third of brides now getting married in one. Almost as many (28%), now walk up the aisle in a coloured dress.

We are a nation divided when it comes to our wedding day apparently, with big differences emerging depending on what part of the country we are from, particularly in religious ceremonies and the amount of money people are likely to spend. These were the two main findings from planning website,’s annual survey of newlyweds 2014 saw its largest ever survey interviewing a huge 1,893 newly married couples. While over two in five weddings from respondents from the North East were religious (45%), this fell to under a third for those from the East Midlands (30%), and not much more for South West newlyweds with 31%. The spend on the wedding day also varies greatly.

For Londoners, the average cost of a wedding in 2014 was 17,332 this is compared to the 9,907 average for newlyweds of the North West! Newly married couples from the South West were also the most traditional when it comes to the wedding cake with 76% sticking with the traditional tiered cake. Meanwhile Londoners and the Welsh were the most experimental with 17% of each opting for cupcakes or a cake made of cheese.
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