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About Wedding Wishlist:
It all began with a conversation. One that took place with a frustrated friend who had just opened the seventh box containing a clock she didn’t care for, and couldn’t carry home with her.

“Too big, too garish, too…everything”, she said, sighing at the weight of the wedding gift. Soumya and Darren got married in India, but were moving to Singapore. Rather than rejoicing in post-marital bliss, they were stressed at the prospect of dealing with unusable gifts. They finally ended up taking only 4 of the 200 gifts they got. To top it, they still had to write 200 thank you notes, AND they ended up shopping for things they actually needed to set up their married home!

This incident highlights the great gift divide – the immense gap between gifts received and gifts desired! Guests attending a wedding would like to give the couple something useful, but have no idea what to buy. Thus came the idea of a one-stop destination for prospective couples and their guests. A place where couples can create a gift registry to tell their guests what they want and where they want it.

However, what started as a gift registry company for couples who preferred practical over bizzare, soon spiralled into so much more. Every couple we worked with wanted their wedding planning simplified, and as a tech-led company, we could offer solutions. Inching our way into the wedding space, today Wedding Wishlist offers a plethora of services, including:
Wedding Invitation
Wedding Website
Vowed Wedding App
Guest Return Gifts
Vendor Search Platform
Wedding Blog
Wedding Planning
The Gift Registry

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