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It is tradition for a man to give thanks and seek blessings from the parents of the bride the moment the two decide to settle down together, we call it wupe / ruracio (dowry).
Identifying the bride where choosing the wrong one attracts fine, and loss of pride.
This was an intermarriage between a Taita man and a Kikuyu lady. The two Kenyan communities are rich in culture had come together to share in the joy of the dowry payment of Olive.
Our African traditional wedding/ Ruracio in (Kikuyu) / Wupe in (Taita) na Waswahili je? Haya basi, hii ni hadithi fupi tu inayosimulia siku yangu ya kulipa mahari na jinsi nilivyo lipa mahari yangu.
Olive Mtira & Rophus Mtira.
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