Barbie doll saree making | South indian bridal doll dress and jewellery | Barbie saree draping. Its fun and easy. Do comment below if you would like to see a new kind of an attire, I’ll definite try to create that too.

Material list:
1) Indian looking doll
2) glue gun and about 2 glue sticks
3) PVC glue / glue for sticking metal jewellery
4) red coloured silk brocade cloth less than half meters (90cms x 17 cms) and green satin cloth for blouse.
5) golden beads and sequins, yellow and white kundan for jewellery
6) Red and Green sequins
7) decorative green and golden, diamond lace
8) pins for the earring jewellery
9) brown wool for plat
10) red paper flowers and orange and golden beads for hair accessories

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