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Questions answered:
1. Raw or jpg
2. Full frame or crop
3. Mirrorless or dslr
4. Autofocus mode
5. Autofocus single point or group?
6. Primes or zooms
7. What lenses in your bag
8. Favourite lens
9. Most used lens
10. Print company
11. Album company
12. Camera bag
13. Camera strap
14. Are cameras with two slots important
15. Which card company
16. Which hard drives
17. Laptop or desktop
18. Mouse or tablet
19. Tamron or sigma
20. Wide open or stopped down
21. Manual or auto focus
22. Which picture profile
23. Dynamic Range boost?
24. How many megapixels is enough
25. Manual or Aperture priority
26. Auto iso
27. Manual or auto white balance
28. How many packages
29. Delivery time
30. Deposit
31. Discounts for non-saturdays
32. Final payment due
33. Posed or Photojournalism
34. Salon coverage
35. How long do you stay
36. How many backups
37. Do you eat
38. Do you backup during the wedding
39. Off camera or on camera flash
40. Which flash
41. Which stand
42. Which flash trigger
43. Video light
44. Suit and tie?
45. Lightroom or photoshop
46. CMS system
47. Online gallery system
48. Edit or outsource
49. Editing company
50. Advice for wedding photographers

My presets:

My usual wedding photo kit:
Main camera:
Backup camera:
Sometimes camera:
Favourite lens:
Favourite lens when also doing video hybrid:
Wide lens:
Wide lens when doing hybrid:

Flash transmitter:
Super powerful off camera flash:


SD Cards:

Wedding day bag:

Audio lav recorder(love this):
Audio general recorder:
Directional Microphone:

BTS Rig:
GoPro Adapter:

Travel Kit:
Main camera:
Wide lens:
Portrait lens:
General lens:

Travel SSDs:



Travel bag:

Where I get my music: