Watch the best honeymoon adventure of 2019 HERE: Our 100 DAY MOST EPIC Honeymoon Adventure! These are the EPIc TRAVEL TALES OF A Newly-wed couple from MAURITIUS

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For the longest time, we’ve wanted to have an epic honeymoon adventure, a honeymoon trip of a lifetime, something that we will will always remember and cherish.

So to mark this event, we settled on this plan: Do a 3 months of honeymoon or a 100 days honeymoon to make it more enticing. This is bound to make an Epic honeymoon trip!

If you are looking for epic honeymoon trips, hope this video also gives you inspirations about epic honeymoon ideas or romantic honeymoon ideas that you can also perform! To see what’s possible!

For one year, we researched on the best honeymoon destinations for beach and adventure

So our honeymoon around the world started in Mauritius and we did multiple countries, more than 10 definitely. Watch the video for the Full 100 day honeymoon adventure.

We did a lot! Among the adventure honeymoon destinations are for me, Asia, especially Indonesia where we went to Ubud and Nusa Penida, where you have to hike all the way down to get the best views.

Nevertheless, our best honeymoon adventure destinations was in chevry, France and Annecy where we had to house sit and get around on our own! It was more on the best experience there in a way because it was new for us!

We hope you’ve loved our honeymoon adventures! It was our most epic honeymoon yet! Well, we only had one but it was the most epic among all other trips that we’ve taken together and definitely romantic!

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This video ‘100 DAY MOST EPIC Honeymoon Adventure | TRAVEL TALES OF A COUPLE FROM MAURITIUS’ was shot in October 2018 to February 2019 and edited in October 2019!

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