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10 international honeymoon destinations under Rs 2 lakhs
Getting married, but unable to afford a killer foreign honeymoon because you’re short of the moolah? Well, get set to fly because it’s possible to travel even to the most exotic overseas destinations for under Rs 2 lakhs, including stay, food, and activities. Here, we give a complete lowdown on 10 best destinations for the honeymooners without compromising on the good things and paying the price of a limb! Besides skipping the ultra-luxury hotels and resorts, and playing like a local (think of using public transport and opting for affordable eateries instead of pricey restaurants), this guide will tell you how to make the most of your honeymoon budget.

When it comes to holidaying in Greece, think its ancient culture, beautiful beaches, plush restaurants, comfortable accommodations, and so much more. Santorini and Athens are the most go-to islands, whereas those who love a bit of solitude and privacy, there is the less hyped Sifnos for you. May, June and early July, September and October are good months to visit Greece. To make the most of your holiday in Greece, go by the old dictum—keep it simple!

It is wise to visit two or three islands, rather than going on an island-hopping spree for that would mean wasting more of your time travelling on ferries or waiting for them than on the islands. To explore Greece, it is advisable to leave the planning bit to experts.

Thailand is one of the most budget-friendly, exotic and lively honeymoon destinations. The mountain retreats, busy beaches, lonely sea shores, happening city life, animal sanctuaries and much more have something for every couple. The result is that the travellers are so much spoilt for choice that they often don’t know where to head to! The solution is undoubtedly the Phuket island for its accessibility, awe-inspiring beaches, beautiful mountains with trekking trails, an endless array of tasteful accommodation options, abundant nightlife and shopping opportunities. For those, who are more into mountains and natural beauty, there is Northern Thailand to explore. There are plenty of forests, wildlife sanctuaries and majestic mountains right here.

Maldives is a world apart from what most visitors to beach destinations experience. This exotic island has remained true to its cultural and historic roots; yet, it has added a nice dash of adventure and romance to seduce the newlyweds.

When you land in the Maldives, head to one of their beautiful resorts that would be your haven after you spend hours romancing on the white sandy breezy beaches, in the crystal clear lagoons, on sunset cruises, as well as scuba diving, fishing, snorkelling, picnicking, and on some TLC at a spa. Honeymoon in Maldives is incomplete without a candlelight dinner by the seaside. Indulge a bit on the aphrodisiac culinary preparations under the star-lit sky bearing witness to your timeless romance.

Fiji Islands
Fiji Islands are beguiling with a seriously cool factor. There are ample luxury resorts with the quintessential Fiji flair to suit your budget. And for those eager for more, book yourself an island and latch onto the opportunity to enjoy sky diving, dirt biking, river rafting, trekking, scuba diving and much more with your better half by your side. Whatever you decide to zero on, it’s worth spending your buck on. Plus, there are regular tours organised for the cultural aficionados. Fiji gets tourists throughout the year, and is reachable even sans a tourist visa. So, what are you waiting for?

Sure, Mauritius may just be mostly about its beaches, but this one of the most sought-after beach country is certainly impressive. Both Bollywood and several novel writers have given a special place to Mauritius in movies and fictional stories respectively. This country boasts of some of the world’s most unique sights. Stroll hand-in-hand with your beloved as you behold the many wonders this place has to offer. The breathtaking scenery, colourful coastline, warm hospitality and adventure activities will reward you for your decision to choose Mauritius for your honeymoon. Of the places to visit, the Grand Bay and Pereybère are made for meandering. There are loads of stoppage points for shopping excursions, dining and clubbing. Or else, visit the old-world Balaclava Ruins to discover its antiquity.



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